Building An Orrery (Part 3)

Making Parts To Connect The Orrery Gear Train

Now that the gears for the Orrery are made we must determine the center-to-center distance between them in order to get a good mesh with a minimum amount of friction. There are formulas available to calculate these distances, but they are theoretical. The method shown in the next video results in very accurate measurements.

Depthing: Finding The Center Distance Between Gears In The Orrery

Making Washers and Bearings For The Orrery From PTFE Rod
UPDATE: I later decided to make these parts .015″ thinner and used a PTFE Delrin composite.

Aligning Multiple Vises and Milling a Keyslot For The Orrery’s Main Shaft

Milling The Idler Gear and Planet Arms For The Orrery

Using A Lathe Mounted Dremel Tool To Cut Small Rods For The Orrery

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