Building An Orrery (Part 6)

Adding Planets To The Orrery

The mechanical parts of the Orrery are completed and now it’s time to choose materials for the planets and turn the spheres. The Sun is a 1.5″ acrylic sphere that I purchased, but because it is clear it presents an interesting challenge to mount it without seeing the mount mechanism.

Making A Support To Mount The Sun On The Orrery

Making The Planets

The following three videos will take you step by step through the process I used to make the planets.

Making Planets For The Orrery – Part 1

Making Planets For The Orrery – Part 2

Making Rings For Saturn And Mounting Them On The Sphere

Final Details On Building The Orrery


Details That Weren’t Covered In The Other Videos

The Orrery In Motion


Take A Look At The Completed Orrery