Adding Planets To The Orrery

The mechanical parts of the Orrery are completed and now it’s time to choose materials for the planets and turn the spheres. The Sun is a 1.5″ acrylic sphere that I purchased, but because it is clear it presents an interesting challenge to mount it without seeing the mount mechanism.

Making A Support To Mount The Sun On The Orrery

Making The Planets

The following three videos will take you step by step through the process I used to make the planets.

Making Planets For The Orrery – Part 1

Making Planets For The Orrery – Part 2

Making Rings For Saturn And Mounting Them On The Sphere

Final Details On Building The Orrery


Details That Weren’t Covered In The Other Videos

The Orrery In Motion


Take A Look At The Completed Orrery