Building An Orrery (Part 2)

Getting Started

Before you can begin making gears for the Orrery you’ll need to make some arbors and basic tools. This video shows some of tooling I created.

Description of Basic Arbors and Tooling Necessary for Gear Making

Making Gears For The Orrery

The following six videos will take you step by step through the process I used to make the brass gears for the Orrery. Everyone uses different techniques but if you’ve never made a gear and would like to try, these steps certainly work.

Cutting, Drilling and Facing the Gear Blanks for the Orrery

Sanding the Gear Blanks for the Orrery
UPDATE: I later found that Mineral Spirits is a better cutting fluid than water for sanding brass.

Drilling and Reaming the Gear Center Holes for the Orrery

Turning the Rough Gear Blanks to Final Size for The Orrery

Turning a Large Gear for the Orrery with the Mill Acting as a Lathe

Cutting the Gear Teeth for the Orrery

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