Getting Started

Before you can begin making gears for the Orrery you’ll need to make some arbors and basic tools. This video shows some of tooling I created.

Description of Basic Arbors and Tooling Necessary for Gear Making

Making Gears For The Orrery

The following six videos will take you step by step through the process I used to make the brass gears for the Orrery. Everyone uses different techniques but if you’ve never made a gear and would like to try, these steps certainly work.

Cutting, Drilling and Facing the Gear Blanks for the Orrery

Sanding the Gear Blanks for the Orrery
UPDATE: I later found that Mineral Spirits is a better cutting fluid than water for sanding brass.

Drilling and Reaming the Gear Center Holes for the Orrery

Turning the Rough Gear Blanks to Final Size for The Orrery

Turning a Large Gear for the Orrery with the Mill Acting as a Lathe

Cutting the Gear Teeth for the Orrery

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